Fullstack Developer with QA Background

Hi, I’m Moses.

Hi there! I'm Moses Tinuoye a Nigerian, currently chasing my dreams in Berlin, Germany. I am graduate of Strategic Business Management and I have a bachelors degree in Economics

I currently work as a Software Quality Assurance Manager at BETAFashion GmbH Berlin, Germany. I am knowledgeable and competent in Software development life cycle as an Automation QA, and currently a full stack Developement enthusiast. I am proficient in languages such as Python,javaScript and frameworks like React.js and vuejs. I am also proficient in SQL, and have a very good understanding of continuos integration, and version control systems such as git.

I also completed a Data analytics program at REDI School of Digital Integration and I had the opportunity to focus on data analysis and data visualisation. I have experience working with visualisation tools like Tableau and Power BI.

I always strive to be the best!

I am also driven by continuos improvement – pushing myself and finally building a legacy.

I have a no-nonsense mentality and put in my highest effort.

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What I excel at!

Modern JavaScript

In the last years I developed a strong competence around modern JavaScript. I like fullstack as it allows me to see the full cycle of software development projects and I can get my hands on many different technologies.

JS Frameworks

React is my framework of choice. The declarative way, components based approach and the great community behind it made me a true adopter.

Testing Pyramid

My QA background allowed me to develop specific skills regarding QA engineering and also see software from a different angle. TDD is built within my natural approach of building software.

Feel free to reach out, I love connecting with like minded individuals.

What people say about me

Daniel Machado

Geoscience && informatics | QA Analyst

During his traineeship at SOFHA, I had the pleasure to work with Moses for a couple of months. I must say that whenever we worked in a group and were forced to engage in discussion, he has shown himself to be a critical thinker and the ability to communicate well and work in a team. Besides being a fast learner.

Chika Ngwu

Software Engineer at SOFHA GmbH

I have got to know Moses during my work at SOFHA. He has been one of the nicest and kindest people I have got to know and working with him was a blast. Both his goal-oriented behavior and his relentless striving for new ideas combined with his loyalty makes him a beloved co-worker and trusty friend

Dragos Nedelcu

Software Engineer, Mentor and Coach

Moses is not afraid to think big and execute on the small things at the same time. His drive for pushing boundaries and continuos improvement is contagious. His down to earth approach to software development and vast knowledge of we technologies make him a must have!